Leadership Journaling Quick Start

Join the Leader's Guide to Emotional Intelligence Quick start Journaling Program! For the next 2 weeks as we explore your leadership as we begin the practice of journaling. I have found it to be a game changer for my own leadership practice, and I am convinced that if you give it a try, and hang in there - you will gain much from the practice as well. Simply provide your name, email and mobile number and click Get Started! 

Don't worry - I won't share your information with any other organization. Plus, if you provide your mobile # you get to participate in this unique program that is sent to your mobile device. This allows you to participate from anywhere... at home, while commuting, a quiet moment at work, with the added convenience of viewing the lessons and journaling prompts from your mobile device.

Get started now - I look forward to working with you!

~Drew Bird

EQ Development Group

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